Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tinder - it's a strange new world!

I downloaded Tinder last week, well why not?!

It is the strangest addictive game of 'hot or not' that I've ever played. I think I've said yes to about 200 guys, which is unnerving, also unnerving due to letting my married friends play with it, therefore I've had random messages from men I've never seen before. Thanks "dearest friends"! I guess they were getting their own back for my constantly saying that every guy on there looks short or freakishly tall!

I was talking with Tom about it on Friday, who is also on it, and he recommended that I use a profile picture which features a Roe Deer, apparently most girls on there have constantly pretty photos, so to have something a little random means the guys will take a further look - I'm pretty sure that those two days were the worst for matches. Plus, which guys (who feature on Tinder) are actually going to bother to look further? And, do I really care?

I've had a couple of messages from some nice looking guys; one was a little too soft and nice, which isn't my kind of thing. The other seemed to be going rather well but I was a little too drunk to be conversing with anyone! Funnily enough, that conversation ended rather early...damn me and my afternoon of drinking post a long walk. Oops!

On Saturday afternoon I was speaking to a barman (Jo, 29), who was also on Tinder. It appears that everyone is on there, who knew so many single people existed?!

On this note, I spoke with Viktorious last night about it and was saying how I originally believed that the whole of London was made up of married people - everyone on the tube and in all the pubs (who I find hot) are married. I'd convinced myself that everyone in the universe is in a couple, apart from me. Now Tinder has made me believe that everyone is single. It's a total mind fuck, just like life generally.

Anyhow, this barman was in the belief that it was nice to talk to girls but he had no interest in ever meeting up with any of them, due to so many friends saying that none of the girls they'd met looked like their photos. I hope this isn't true, as that is pretty scary...I guess the whole thing is pretty random and strange. Additionally, according to Viktorious' housemate, a lot of the girls on there are dull as dishwater, which at least gives me one bonus over them - you couldn't fit more personally into one body. In fact I think doing so, is considered a personally disorder...

I've also been advised to not start the conversation with those who I am matched with, as that implies I'm only up for getting laid, can that really be the case?! I've messaged some of the guys anyway, well yolo (please note that is the only ever time I've used that (my first and last), I had to think about how you'd write it, although that might be the hangover talking?!).

Basically, I'm even more confused than before I'd ever seen or knew of Tinder - oh so confused! I swear being single wasn't this difficult or addictive previously...

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