Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Beauty Queens

I ended up watching this programme the other day and it made for compulsive watching. One of the girls constantly looked pissed off. Another was her mother's mini me and the final one did it because she wanted to feel more confident. Out of the three mums, two of whom were living through their kids, only one had the right idea, she wanted to help her child.

One of my favourite parts was the born again Christian who asked her congregation to pray for her daughter to win the pageant (not exactly what God tells us to do with prays) and then when the daughter doesn't win a sausage, her sister blames god, well that is what I call a balanced upbringing.

And personally, I think that fake tans, plastic surgery, contact lenses, highlights and acrylic nails all consist of child abuse!

Baby Beauty Queens

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Mr Axl said...

Watching that was a harrowing experience.
It made me so angry. Those people are so despicable on so many levels.
Apart from the mum of that girl from London. The hard up family. Genuinely admirable reasons. I was rooting for that girl.
I feel really sorry for that Scottish girl tho. She looked fucking miserable the whole way thru, and then they wondered why she lost. She lost coz she didn't want to do it in the first place! And now her mum's gonna make her do it in America! Have you seen the American child pageants?! That poor kid is gonna hate herself, because of her nasty, selfish mother.