Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Custard anyone?

A while back, my housies and I were trying to work out if we were custard cousins. I know it's a horrid term and a horrid thing to do but I was interested.
Luckily for me, one of my exes was a huge slag - his sleeping with most of Oxford made it pretty easy for me to be linked with more people than I'd like to mention but needless to say, it meant that within 5 minutes, I'd been linked to Mr Chicken. Also means, that I'm possibly linked to Mr Chips also. I think that is where it stopped though, we could link our old housie with Mr Chicken also but that was as far as we got.
What makes this easier for us, is that we've socialised and worked in and around similar places for quite a few years. A little like doing it at the end of your university years, instead of the beginning.
I wouldn't recommend this game while sober, it's far too sick and gross to try to comprehend while sober, while drunk however, it's quite funny.

In other news, I've been having eBay fun recently, it wasn't planned but I'll take it while I've got it. There was a huge requirement for cushions at my house, so I bought some inserts and have been having sewing fun with some lovely materials, we'll soon have some awesome cushions in our house, although currently my bedroom looks more like a haberdashery, than a bedroom, must remember to pick up those pins. Also, while on eBay, while looking for cake stands, I ended up buying a pattern for a cute 70's smock dress. Which I intend to make and wear to a party, someone at work is hosting. Fingers crossed i get some time next week to actually make it, other wise it'll be back to the drawing board and the back of my wardrobe.
I've also finished my pink and flowery bunting, there is about 8 meters of it, but it's so cute! Photos to come soon...

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