Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Kenneth or not to Kenneth

Is it wrong to admit that I like Kenneth Branagh? I know he's not cool but I think he is rather marvellous, although only when it comes to Shakespeare. I'm unsure if he's able to act in the modern tongue, golly who knows?! Maybe he'd be good. I need to get my Lovefilm list in check and find out. I shall report back.
As for Lovefilm, I'm still completely addicted to it. My list hasn't ever reached below 100, there are just too many films in the world to watch...
I was speaking with a friend the other day, about how I'd love to work for them and be a picker. I have always thought that everything I get sent, is selected by an individual who has looked at my list, and the availability of films, and decided what to send me. I guess this is just a silly romantic idea of mine, as my friend believes it's all done by computers, which would make more sense, but it's an awfully boring way to do it. Plus at halloweeen I get sent horrors and at Christmas, I get sent classics, maybe it's an extremely intelligent computer.

Although if pickers do exist, it's now on my job for a week list, with: HGV driver, tour guide for a stately home, meerkat keeper, air hostess, pole dancer and coroner.

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