Friday, July 24, 2009

Pro Choice Is The Way I Was Raised

For some reason, abortions here aren't as big a topic as in the States. I'm not sure why this is, maybe due to us being a smaller country, or having less fanatics, or maybe because we're an older country we generally believe that people's choices are their own, so therefore their choices are personal, or maybe it's because we can get them on the NHS and the departments are such a part of the hospital, it would be hard to have fanatics scaring away, already scared individuals. Who knows?!
Different people, different beliefs, different systems - it's generally hard to compare or work out why this is.

I know people who have had them, I know people who have accompanied someone to have one, I know people who don't believe they are right and I know partners who have been effected by them. It's a personal issue and one for the individual to choose and no one elses decision. Everyone has a right to believe what they do and everyone has a right to have an opinion on their friends' choices, they also have a right to share with that friend, if they wish too, but they do not have the right to expect the friend to agree or believe these opinions.

Although, talking about them is still seen as a taboo subject. I've had chats with numerous friends about them and it's always in hushed tones, quiet corners or private rooms. We all know they happen but none of us want to talk about them, they are the elephant in the room.

So how come some a lot of fanatic American's believe that they have the right to tell a complete stranger that they are wrong and that they'll go to hell for what they are doing or have done. They have no right, it's their opinion but they should keep it to themselves, unfortunately they don't.

In the past, some American fanatics have gone to extremes: Late Abortionist getting shot, Operation Rescue, fake clinics to pressurise women to keep babies, constant death threats, I could go on but I won't. I know some of these are extremist but they are a part of the bigger cause and the groups, can't pretend they are not, even though they have tried.

There is now a group of escorts who try to help the women who are in these horribly confusing and emotional times to get them in to the clinics without to much disruption and I salute these people, they are doing something truly wonderful to help people, rather than heed them and for that I think they all should get a medal. It can't be easy. I imagine some of these pro-lifers are as manic as some of the anti-animal testers we've experienced here in Oxford and that's a pretty horrid thought.
They risk themselves everyday to assist these women, allowing them to be able to continue with the life they chose, instead of the life they nearly had to live.

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Mr Axl said...

"Pro life" people are scum. End of.