Thursday, July 30, 2009

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A while ago, Axl mentioned that he was hitting the 'next blog' button. I was stunned, I'd been blogging for how ever many months and had never noticed it. So I started my hitting of it.
It's great fun but often comes to a dead end, due to the button being removed or people having commercial blogs where they want you end up.

I love photos, I adore photos. I love paintings but I love photos. If any of you have been to my house, you'll have seen my 'hall of fame' which is a wall of photos in our hallway. I love taking photos and I love looking at them. Regardless of what the photos are of, I adore them. I often enjoy going to Magnum Photographic Essays and browsing through the millions of photos and listening to the photographers to hear about what they were aiming to catch and what they got.

Any how, it was rather quiet at work recently, so I started to hit the button. My original intention was to find some amateur photo blogs to enjoy, something new and refreshing, instead of the over photoshopped wonders you often find online. Something to truly capture my imagination. Art (I'm using the word art in a loose term, where I mean it to be paintings, photography, collage, etc.) is one of the only things that can move through this world, with no requirement of cultural understanding or language.

I clicked alot and I found a few photo blogs that really caught my attention, but there is one at the end of this, run of photos that I really liked. I also found some random blogs and some rather adoreable blogs. Photos and links below. Some were photos I liked, some were blogs I liked the look of. I've credited the blogs with the links and titles below...I hope you enjoy them!

Unregard Surtours / A False Front

Amfmmaodeobradearte / Srvenute

JeanetteShverdag / Guardian Doodler

Love Overflow / Lucy Mcrae

No More Lights / Ommmkietutoooo

Petites Stars / Photos from Sweden

Sunken Treasure Stuff / Vertiginouspervicaciousness

Vossy Line / The Illustrated Edition

A photo a day
It's been done before, they aren't incredible photos, it's simply a lovely little view of someone else' world. Some photos are quite remarkable and others are comical. Some have nice perspective/composition and others have interesting lighting. I just love the amateur, almost naive sense of it. I think it's generally rather charming...

Below are some of the photos I liked:

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