Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Horn Rimmed Wonders

I got to select new glasses the other day. It was very exciting.
I've worn glasses since I was 3 (although back then I was long-sighted, with one astigmatism and a lazy eye). I spent my childhood in classy NHS specs. They were uncool but very practical.
Around the age of 11, my mum finally allowed me to choose some proper frames. From only having three options (Red, Yellow or Blue), I had the pick of the shop. I was over joyed, I did what I'd done on many trips before but this time I had a goal, new glasses. After I'd tried on all of the frames in the shop, ridiculous frames, grandma glasses and " Deidre" frames, I finally rested my eyes on some large purple and mint speckled wonders. Now, they represent the early 90's, back then, they were the height of fashion and I loved them more than life.

I had a few years of no glasses through most of secondary school & college. Hit 18 years of age and my eyes went again, although this time I was short sighted with two astigmatisms. I went for some simple wire frames.
4 years later, I choose some cool red frames. My family called me Janet Street Porter and I've worn them for four years.

I've had an idea for a few months that I might like horn rimmed glasses, I've no idea why, maybe I've watched too much Heroes.
I got my eyes tested and got to choose some new frames, while approaching the frames sales man, I announced "I want some old man glasses", he looked surprised but decided to accompany me on the journey, probably wanted a good laugh.
I tried on every pair of glasses in the shop, I felt like a kid again (he's lucky I didn't act entirely as I did when I was a child, otherwise I'd have been spinning myself around on the chairs constantly), all giddy with the excitement of the unexpected, I love glasses shopping. I tried them all on and kept on going back to this one pair of horn rimmed wonders!

I bit the bullet and bought them. They are great, I'm not sure if they entirely suit me but I don't care, I love them!

P.S. I've been going to the same opticians since day one and I love them. There are none of these machines reading your eyes, oh no there is a lovely person who puts the ever cool lenses holding specs on & they slot in different lenses time after time, constantly checking different things on the light board, It's awesome, so much fun, like a little time warp. If only the old guy was there, the one who smelt like talcum powder.

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Genevieve said...

I need new glasses! Where do ya go?