Friday, October 30, 2009

Tip Toes

As of January 1st, I will no longer be a permanent member of 'the pub across town's' work force! I moved over there with Lianne, Tom and Bruno in August 2007 and have worked there at least 2 days a week since.
I told Tom and Lianne on Wednesday night that I was leaving, I couldn't contain my tears. I've been seeing these guys every week for over 2 years, and as of January 1st, it'll be a lot less. It's a sad thing but not the end, I'll help out occasionally and they are my friends, so will be making trips to hang out. It will be weird though, I've been pulling pints for 9 years. The most I've had out of doing so is 6 months. I bet I'll get itchy to be behind the bar soon enough, hence my helping out occasionally, to keep my pint pulling blood flowing.
Although now I'll get some more me time, which is exciting. As much as I love working and hanging out there, the idea of sleeping and socialising more, is extremely appealing. Might start properly living my life.

I've been thinking, I had my palm read a while back, I wrote about it on here. She told me that I'd already met the bloke I was going to be spend the rest of my life with. If so, who the hell is it? That is one scary thought!

Humphrey was sent this on the book and it looks so godly awful and yet so good!
I'm surprised that I've not seen anything about it until now.

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