Friday, October 02, 2009

Ooo, Red Shoes!

I've just read that if you're above a US size 6, then you are considered a plus size model?! What the?! That's fucking mental!!! If you are more than a size 10, you're plus size?! You mean, you're thin in the real world but large in the modeling world. I know that is realistic in modeling but it's just so crazy. No wonder kids now a days are so fucked up with body issues.

I've bought the most adorable pair of red shoes! They are flats from New Look but oh so bright red. I'm actually in love, spent some time last night thinking about outfits to complement them, all that went to shit once I finally dragged myself out of bed, late like usual, and found myself unable to compute anything! I'm probably going to buy them in navy too! I love New Look shoes, cheap, cheerful and happy!

I'm keeping my girl crush happy by watching '(500) Days of Summer', I love Zooey Dechanel so much! I'd go gay for two ladies, her and my friend Lou. Although so far I've not been able to convince Lou, I even promised her an old fashioned Volvo, yet alas still nothing! Maybe one day, although I guess it would help if I was gay too!
Anyway, I've been wanting to see this film for a while, I constantly keep tabs on the trailers coming out, I'm probably one of the only people who goes to the cinema early to catch the trailers, although I do hate actual adverts at the cinema, they suck!!!
I'm 50 minutes in and it's beautiful, it opens with Regina Spektor's Us (which is will featuring on my happy songs mix cd), which if you ask me, is a very promising sign.

The Queen gave me an old cardigan the other day, it's a size 18 cream twisted knit affair. I'm a 10-12. Night off, sewing machine comes out, second thoughts Overlocker comes out. I resize, pin and overlock the cardigan - what a mistake. The overlocker got stuck at the armpit, I nearly made myself some aeration holes, a inch in depth later and a lot of cardigan armipit lost, it's finished. The second sleeve went accordingly, thankfully. It's now a snug fit but looks pretty cool.

I'm not sure why, maybe the holiday I had or something has changed me inside but I feel a strange inner calm, I don't constantly feel responsible for everything in this world. I don't feel constantly tired or as though I can't keep up, I just feel calm. I'm up financials shit creek but I don't care so much, which is odd. I probably should but right now, I'm happy just to feel calm and happy. Maybe this is what happens when people don't work non-stop and have no time to sit and watch the world go by?

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