Monday, October 26, 2009

Singles Holidays

Recently my posts have been a bit shit! Short and sweet with no point or long winded and dull with lots of points but with no actual specific point.

Last weekend I went to Cornwall with some friends. I adore Cornwall, it used to be where we holidayed as a family, when I was really young. It holds a special place in my heart, Cornwall is like no where else, they have their own laws and ways of life, it's such a charming incredible place and the people are great too.
We spent 4 nights and days there and it was gorgeous. Exactly what I needed. Being single makes going away a nightmare. You either go away alone, with a friend or a group of you. But organising friends is harder than it should be due to social lives and work, and finding somewhere you all like is difficult. When you're in a relationship, it's so much easier, it's one other person to organise, especially as you both have similar goals and preferences on holiday. I guess, I've been using my status as an excuse not to go away, due to the hassle. Although the one time I did go away with a boyfriend, I ended up sorting everything and it was a massive headache. Maybe I just don't really like holidays?

Anyhow, all you need to know is that Polzeath was incredible, lots of fun. No pre-organised fun or events, just lots and lots of chill out time.

Since then it's been hectic, hellish and crap! The guy who was meant to be moving in to our spare room lost his job, so isn't moving in now. We've got 3 weeks to fill it?! ARGH! Placing ads all over Gumtree and Facebook, to no avail. Although some friends have been passing on our details. I'm sure it'll all come about, I'm a positive person who tries not to panic in these stressful moments, everything always works out for the best, this situation will too, I'm sure.
We had a Polski called Pete look around at the weekend and he was very funny and laid back, I've my fingers crossed.

Hopefully this week will be calmer. A few more nights off for once maybe?! I've so much stuff to do and no time. Maybe by Christmas I'll have succeeded.

Plus, I noticed the other day that I've two new freckles, one right in the middle of my left cheek and one near my right elbow. It's so funny discovering new freckles, I always wonder if they just appear over night or darken over time? I've never seen them slowly arrive. I kind of love the idea of them just appearing over night, like a crazy magic trick!

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