Friday, September 04, 2009

Glitz Up Your Crabs

I'm currently watching a TV show about Surrogate mothers and it is very odd. The surrogate mothers seem to know what it's all about, as they either have children or have been through it before but the new mothers are mental. I guess they are full of fear, worry, emotions, etc. I guess it must be an extremely hard situation to be in, impossibly hard. It's an extremely odd TV show. The people you assume you'd sympathise with, aren't the ones you care for.
I think the hardest thing is to work out, why the surrogates do it? Is it to fill a hole they feel from within or are they 100% level headed and emotionally stable and wanted to give people the gift they've longed for for the longest time.

I often read Postsecrets, recently I've found one of my all time favourite cards. It's what I'm personally looking for. I always state when people ask me why I'm single "That I haven't found anyone who doesn't make me want to smother them in their sleep", which isn't far off the mark. No matter what people tell me, he's out there somewhere, he's just lost and refusing to ask for directions, like a typical bloke.

While on my weekly trawl through Jezebel I always stop to read Toddlers & Tiaras, it's your typical garish tv show about crazy women forcing their poor children to dress up like Vegas showgirls to perform bizarre routines.
But it's better than all of the ones you've seen before, except maybe Painted Babies from the mid 90s, which was pretty good. I just love the Jezebel ladies comments and also the little .gif files.
The image on the left is a screen grab from one of the shows, it just makes me chuckle so so much! I'm off, I've got to glitz up my crabs!

I finally received my copy of 'Dead Snow' and I've had no chance to see it! I had a 20 minute window to watch it since buying it but it was at 2am and I had work the next morning, plus zombie nazi's at 2am just before sleep, I don't think so! Oh tomorrow, why won't you come sooner.

Apparently 4000 people are on death row in America? They need to get Pierrepoint over there, he'd sort it out and save them loads of money...although he's dead, so maybe Timothy Spall should go on his behalf. He seemed to sort out the Belsen 11 rather quickly.

I'm not going to leave you with Nazis and death row, that would be horrendously cruel, instead I'm leaving you with Elton John "hell yeah!".

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