Friday, September 04, 2009

Sequins on Bedding, Nice!

I happened to be in Debenham's home department the other day. I was looking at bedding and I came across Kylie's home range. Her bedding range comes with sequins, yep, I said sequins.
My original thought was "sequins on a duvet, how uncomfortable and itchy and impractical" and then I found out that there was a sequin trim on the pillow cases too?! What the ?!
Who would think that sequins on a pillow would be comfortable? Plus, have you ever tried to wash sequins? They generally loose their colouring and the stitching fails miserably after a couple of washes. You have to handwash and as most of us know, you have to boil wash your bedding after a week or two, due to it's soiled useage (this term makes me chuckle).
I've just no idea what she was thinking or should I say her design team was thinking...

I love seeing people walking while reading, it always makes me smile. It's up there with seeing men who are rubbish at laundry, there was a chap in the lunch queue in front of me earlier, who had shrunk his jumper in the wash, or at least it looked like it, so sweet.

Saturday night, my friends, 22-20s, performed live for the first time in 4 years. They've been in the studio recording new songs over the last months or so and it was truly great finally seeing them perform live. They were amazing. I was so nervous before hand on their behalf but they were absolutely brilliant, even though there was some technical faults.
We all ended up heading back to the studio to drink and be merry. 6.30am bed time, woo!
Although Dan did expose me to this, utter fabulousness!

All 14 episodes are up and apparently, it's great! I love that they opened with One Vision. Oh so good!!!

Dead Snow is awesome!!! I finally got to watch it on Sunday and haven't shut up about it since. Watch it!!!

Saw this online and was thinking that I may well have to get something similar sprayed on mine.

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