Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kindness leaves me flustered

When people perform random acts of kindness towards me, it completely throws me. I get extremely flattered, flustered and embarrassed. On Wednesday, due to Lou's leaving shindig the night before, I felt like death (I guess partying until 5am isn't a good idea on a school night), it took me an hour to convince myself to get out of bed. Realistically, I shouldn't have come to work, I failed. Was an hour late and generally hopeless!
Lunchtime came, I failed at eating, I was a failure, a BIG FAT FAILURE!!! Then the post arrived!
In the post was a jiffy envelope, I dreaded opening it, I assumed it was a demo, I hate demos. I eventually opened it and had a lovely surprise. It was the new album of a band I like. It was sent to me by a guy who I met 3 weeks ago. He lives with some of my friends in London and works for the band's record company and we spent the night getting hammered.
This lone kind considerate act has made me so flattered and flustered. It's odd, I'm normally the one who tries to give, so to received is a strange new experience.

Last Thursday, I had dinner with 19 bulti-billionaires. All whom could have donated £1000 each to the "Pipsywoo Charity Fund" and not even notice it missing. I mean, one of them owns an island, a fucking island!!!
After dinner, we went back to the hotel bar for some drinks. I was talking to the younger of the group and he was asking me if Tiffany earrings would be an adequate Christmas present for a new girlfriend. I said yes (well duh!) but asked if it was not a little cliche. He said he didn't think so but wanted a female's perspective, he said he was also treating her to a weekend in Paris and some other little items.
I said it all sounded charming but personally I'd rather my favourite chocolate bar and a thoughtful personal message or something like that, which then made me sound like I was basically calling him unthoughtful. It just went from wronger to worse and I ended up apologising for being small time and countryfied.
But seriously, if he buys all this for their first Christmas together, what on earth is he going to get her next Christmas or for her birthday?

Had a thought the other day. I'm guessing Lady GaGa must spend her entire free time at the beauticians getting her bikini line waxed.

Late Monday night our kitchen sink blocked. Come Tuesday evening, we set about sorting it out. We plunged, we tried pipe unblockers, we poked things down it but to no avail.
After waiting 30 minutes for the industrial sink unblocker to budge the blockage and it still not working, I took to taking the pipes apart. One twist of the U bend and the water gushed horizontally everywhere. One bucket in hand catching very little water, unable to fetch another I had one option, hurry the hell up with undoing the pipe, all the while Dave and Sheri were running around looking for vessels and cloths.
Two buckets later, the sink is emptied and cleaner than I'd ever seen it. I smell like stagnant water and the cupboards and kitchen floor are sodden! On the upside the pipe is clear of said blockage. Sheri assists with the clearing up and my skin is burning due to all of the drain unblocker.
One sink unblocked, one indoor swimming pool created and one smelly being off to wash and change outfits.
I think my major mistake was not putting the plug in the sink, while undoing the pipe. It would have probably made our new swimming pool, more of a paddling pool.

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