Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uncle Buck

I finally got the new tyres for my car today, which now makes me 100% street legal. £85 later and I now have a lighter car to drive, it's more responsive and feels like it drives much easier, which is all pretty cool. Who'd have thought two new tyres would change so much.

I've been getting my knit on to a dramatic effect lately. I've been going to sleep with achy hands and waking craving the desire to knit, knit away. I've also spent far too much time in the local wool shop and if I can't knit it, sew it, melt and mould it or paint it, my friends and family won't be getting it for Christmas. When you make everything for your Christmas presents, it means you have to get extremely organised. I've so far made numerous scarves and one hat.

Talking of melting and moulding, I've been asked if I'd like to have a stall at the weekly farmers market off Cowley Road, I never even knew it existed. I'm now in the world of buying Charity Shop cups and saucers and making them in to candles, I'm so very excited at the prospect of it all. I'm thinking about making some brooches for it also.

I'm off work this week, both of them and so far it feels like I've not had a holiday at all. It just feels like a weekend. I aimed to not book myself up or offer my time to others, but I appear to have failed without meaning too. It's all cool though, I've a couple of evenings free and also a dinner with my boss and 20 other middle aged men who will have been playing golf all day. Last years golf dinner was a lot of fun, I'm hoping this years will be better; better food, better drink and more cheer. Just need to memorise a couple of horrendously dirty jokes and I'm quids in!

I had loads of funny anicdotes and stories but they all ran out of my head as soon as I started the computer, nevermind, they'll return one day.

The weekend before last, while talking with a friend I discovered she had never seen Uncle Buck, god knows how?! I guess she's been living under a rock, she is from Nottingham, so this is possible. I will be rectifying this asap, do not worry!

Also, the other night, Sheri and I had a random girly night in and ended up watching a chick flim, we chose "Confessions of a Shopaholic", now I've issues with it due to to loving the books but chose to watch it as though the books had never existed. It's watchable and has it's moments. Joan Cusack and John Goodmen plays Isla Fisher's parents and they are great in this role, very entertaining to watch. The funniest moment was as the credits rolled, which probably sums up the film pretty well for you.

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