Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Left Foot

Whenever my boss can't remember the name of the band in the studio, he'll call them 'My Left Foot'. For ages, this confused me, I had no idea why when he could call them 'Thingmajig' or 'Thatracket', he'd call them that. So I asked him, and he simply said "When bands have a stupid name I can't remember, I'll use the title of a great film, it always makes them sound better".
I added 'My Left Foot' to my lovefilm list, I'd never heard of it but want to see every great, average and shite film in the world ever.

It finally came through and I watched it, and oh my god!!! It's incredible! When nearing the end, I stated "if Daniel Day Lewis didn't get an award for this, it's a fucked up world", he did and he deserved it. I suppose acknowledging that he's a method actor, makes it's even more incredible (although that isn't why he should win things) and I think you'd have to have lived with such a disabling disorder to truly be able to portray it in it's correct sense.

I laughed out loud and uncontrollably, and cried within 5 minutes of each other. It's really good.

P.S. If you do want to watch it and can't find it in any video shops, it's up on YouTube but I didn't say that.

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