Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Street Art / Graffitti Pt.1

Calvin St, E1
Quaker St, E1

Here on Brick Lane, we are surrounded by tons of street art.

There are many kinds. We are located extremely close to famous ones, by Banksy and Space Invader, to name a few. But, my personal favourite is a guy* who pasted photocopies on the wall, then paints the shadow underneath on the path. I've no idea who he is, or what his name is, but I appreciate his efforts. May he continue his  good work!
Brick Lane, E1
Cheshire St, E1

Corbet Pl, E1
I just find them so so charming, not obtuse or in your face, just simply placed and hidden. I think they are great and I love discovering them, there are also two others up towards Columbia Rd, which I've yet to photograph, they'll arrive soon, I promise. I'm not sure why I like them so much, maybe because they are only 6" high and discreetly placed.

After finishing writing this, I googled LondonStreetArt and found this freshly updated entry about Pablo Delgado. Who is apparently, the man who' art I've been admiring. Well. I. Never!

*I'm being presumptuous, who isn't to say he's a lady.

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