Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tissue Paper Peonies

I found a link to these Tissue Paper Flowers and did exactly what she suggested and am now surrounded by beautiful tissue paper flowers, much to my partners annoyance (the flat should be 50/50, not effeminate), but you can't deny that they are extremely charming.

I had a play with mixing different coloured papers, cutting to be different lengths and different shapes at the end. I think the pointy ones look best, a little like Dahlias, although the wavy ended ones look charming too.
The red one to the right, had different length petals, so it's flatter, than the other ones. It has a very nice shape from the side, which is more traditional to your average opened rose.

Why not try yourself? One pack of tissue paper should make eight rather large flowers, and you don't have to have eight sheets per flower, it's all about the final look, so play about.

Plus, I'm making 30 odd for my friend's wedding reception, to match the wedding bunting I'm making.

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