Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Stupid Stupid Taxing System in Britain

Tom and I moved to London, we've found it quite hard to get work, which sucks! We thought it would be a lot easier, stupid us.
I've been employed and paying tax since I was eligible, ten odd years. I've also worked numerous second jobs that I was paying emergency tax on, even though I was only earning £15,000* a year in my main job. Now that we need a little help, we're not eligible?! Even though we've been paying tax all our lives, we're not even considered as "in need".

Tom might not be allowed to receive Jobseekers, as I have a part time job which equals 16 hours a week, I earn so little, that for the first time in ten years, I'm not eligible to pay tax = £400 a month (not even enough to pay my rent). But due to this job, Tom might not be in a position to get a helping hand, while he continues to search for a job, and he's actually looking, not sat on the sofa smoking 20 fags a day watching day time TV. He's gone to every effort to get help and alas, he's not worthy?! Due to my pathetic part time job income and the fact he's been paying tax since he left university!

When he went for his interview, they gave him a huge lecture about how he'd need to be looking for jobs in a 50 mile radius, etc. And yet, I know people who have been on jobseekers for years and years and have no intention to get a job. It's a fucking joke!
Most of the time, I'm extremely considerate and level minded about "the system" but this has pissed me right off.
I was told about 'Working Tax Credits', tried to see if I was eligible, but due to being judged on my previous tax year (when I was working full time), I probably won't be. Even though I wasn't earning that much. Oh and the stupid HMRC website, as always crashed when working out if I was eligible, like last time. Bloody typical.
I'm really really irritated. It's complete bollocks!

*I've always felt that there should be a minimal amount of money you should be able to earn, across one, two, three, etc. jobs, where you can use your tax code for all of them. Say, that across these numerous jobs you are earning £15,000 or less, you're allowed a flexible tax code, which can be used across all of your jobs. This would help parents and young people and would encourage people to work harder. I'm stuffed, if I get a second job now, I'll be emergency taxed regardless of my earning £4,800 in my first job. So, I get screwed and loose out. Where as someone earning £20,000 a year in one job is better off. It's bull, total bull!

I'm completely compassionate to why people don't declare certain jobs, it's completely understandable! Good for them!
It's the typical situation, we middle people get fucked over and the people above and below us, get helping hands to survive in life.

It appears Tom is entitled to a 3rd of the traditional weekly allowance. Which is interesting?!

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