Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Bunting

I really like making bunting. I've made loads in my time, this string were for my friend's birthday last year. Previously, I've made pink bunting, and for some reason, when I make it, I appear to go over the top and make miles of the stuff. The pink string are about 10 metres long. This one is about 8m, or more?!

My friend recently commissioned me to make some for her pub, so I set about making sexually neutral (yes, there is such a thing) bunting. It's made from my scraps box, which cleared out a huge amount of material, and in typical fashion I made two lengths of 13 metres. Opps! What can I say, I really enjoy making bunting. Or should I say, I really like my sewing machine and the relationship I have with it.

If anyone would like to commission some bunting; if you've a scraps box you'd like me to use, or just a colour palette. Please email me here.

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