Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barbie Couture

As a child I was a huge fan of Barbie. Was never that interested in dollies, sulvanian famillies, my little ponies, etc, it was all about Barbie.
I loved how she could be anything and everything (even though, she mainly stayed at home, went shopping and would occasionally lie naked on top of Ken) and always looked amazing, even when wrapped in a plastic bag and sellotape, with a short pink felt tip pen hairstyle.

I longed to buy a special Barbie, there was one who was a compere and wore a gorgeous black dress and long gloves, I dreamed of owning her and still do at times, although I'd never be able to find her now, she was a collectors edition back in the late 80's, god knows how much she'd cost now.
Due to Barbie being 50 this year, there is loads of stuff about her in the press. The lady who originally designed her, I was led to believe did so, as she thought it was horrific that young girls only had dollies to play with, therefore instilling in them that they should be mothers and not much more. This idea, I adore (whether it's true or not).

I found this link:,418, which shows all of the designers who have also fallen for her charm and designed outfits for her.
Happy Birthday Barbie, may you have 50 more but please don't loose any more weight, in fact maybe gain a little more, that would be nice.

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