Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stan, nice to meet you

I really want a friend called Stan. So I can say "Good plan Stan". Simple but would keep me entertained for hours.

There was a question the other day that cropped up at dinner, which had us baffled. Is The Tudor Court more inbred than East Oxford? It's a hard one to answer. Although there was one point made, when incestuous in Tudor times, it was instant death if caught out, where as in East Oxford, it's idle gossip.

I watched American Werewolf in London last night, more of a comedy than a horror with an awesome soundtrack, so good.

I also watched The Orphanage, it was such a great film. Not so much horror, more a thriller but really good, defo recommend. Go and watch it!

I was doing some of my family tree with The Queen at the beginning of the week, it's rather good! Her great aunt married in to the Whittard's family. A second cousins of hers married in to the Sarson's Vinegar family and that her mother's guardian was the founder of Jones and Higgins (which was a huge department Store in Peckham back in the day) - not bad for my little old family. Although most of this was back before the 2nd world war and about 6 degrees of separation.

Am totally in love with Stately homes, as always. Am hoping to visit Warwick Castle this Summer with little Faith and Hazel and also want to take a Day Trip to Sudeley Castle. I think my desire has come from watching too many period dramas. May have to start watching some futuristic films now to make up for it.

Also, has anyone else noticed that loads of people who started blogs, have just stopped! Some I've checked on are coming up to a lonely year of no blogging. I know I went MIA for a few months but I'd still pop in and leave some drivel occasionally, poor little blogs, probably not sure what they've done, maybe there should be a "lonely blog councillor" to help them through it?

I returned home last night to find one of the best presents ever! Chips had bought me a frizbee but wait, it gets better...the slogan on the sunshine yellow frizbee is "Smile, Jesus loves you". Yes he does but will he love my inability to throw or catch? I guess time will tell and we'll have to wait for the sunshine to find out, if it's another rubbish Summer period, I'll take it as a no, he does not like my inability to throw or catch.

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