Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a nice new boot

Last night I worked at the pub across town. I drove there as it's tres cold and also I had some stuff for the pub.
No parking spaces as usual, so I park outside Floors 2 Go. The car park is for the shop but it's 8pm at night and the shop is shut, so what's the problem? I had a slightly funny feeling about parking there but didn't know why, I even joked about being clamped when I arrived at work. I also touched wood about 1000 times (and no not like that?). 

Midnight comes round, we finish work early and off I head to go home. Alas, not just yet. My car has a lovely yellow boot on it's wheel. One phone call, 20 minutes and £125 later and I'm on my way...gutted! I was lucky that I had money (normally don't at this point in the month) and that the clamping operators work 24 hours a day, otherwise I'd have been truly screwed!

Why did I tempt fate? Why did I park there regardless of my dodgy feeling? I've no idea.
I've parked there loads of times before, I thought the signs were there then (turns out they weren't), I also thought it was a deterrent, rather than a promise. It transpires there is a new owner of the land, who doesn't want people parking there at night, day or any other time?! Wanker is what I say. Mr Clamper said he was "an utter tosser", nicely put!

According to Mr Clamper, I'm the happiest person he's ever clamped in his life. I didn't see the point of making his job any more miserable than it has to be or to be hysterical, what is the point?
I choose to look at it in a whimsical way and be up beat, all I lost was £125 (No, I can't afford to loose it but it could have been a lot worse).  I mean I've parked in some dodgy places before, where I should have either got a ticket, towed or clamped and haven't, so it's almost like an all in one pay out on getting away with it for 8 years. Plus he could have towed me, that would have sucked and cost more and due to there being no regulations on clampers, it could have been way more than £125!

Yes it sucks, I'm now poor and I'll have to wait another week or two before I can do what I wanted to do with my money but it could be worse, loads worse, my car could have been stolen, set on fire, vandalised, towed (these are all car related worses, I didn't want to be too dramatic with the whole "I'm in good health, so are my family and friends", I mean there is a time and a place). I'm now working my arse off at the pub this week to pay for the clamp....good times! Only shame is they don't let you take the boot home after you've paid for it.

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