Friday, January 30, 2009

Scrap Scrap Scrapping the barrel

My colleague from work kind of fancies the Parcelforce guy, I can see where she's coming from but I still miss our old UPS guy (yeah it's a cliche but he was hot!!!), even though he did leave about 4 years ago...I still pine that one day he'll turn up to our office and ask me to sign for a package (and no I don't mean like that, you dirty pervs!).

I've heard Radiohead' "Idioteque" too many times today, it's making me feel like an Idiot!!! I've had to watch various Youtube clips of the song played live for work and I can't take it!!! It's a little like when I had to watch loads of live footage of them and write the setlists down - oh my god by the end of that week, I was in a crazy trance. It's possible that the band do keep hidden messages in their songs but I very much doubt it, I think it's as simple as they write very complex, very simple and very beautifully awe inspiring songs! Although I don't want to hear Idioteque for at least 5 days!

I added that new thingy, where people claim to be my readers. I've toyed with this idea for a while, as it's a little narcissistic to do so, but then again, writing a blog in the first place is majorly narcissistic! So I bit the bullet and added it, after a month, when I only have one fan (thanks Axl) I'll delete it again.

I'm a spreadsheet queen, have started to finally learn how to use Excel at work, it's an odd, en-genius and stupid programme, grr!

I should be perfecting the petty cash, so I can't be pulled up on where the 5p that's missing is but I can't be arsed.

I went running the other night. I haven't been running in years and I'm achy! I'm going to attempt to run twice a week (i said attempt) and see what happens. I'm more of a cycler than runner but at the mo my bike is up shitter (need to get everything replaced, i know they'll suggest that buying a new bike is cheaper but Flo is going no where and she'll get a little makeover). It was quite nice being out for a run but the muscles are not happy about it, time will tell...

It's the weekend and I'm working everyday. Ginge and I are running the Pot tomorrow night, exciting. We were hoping for it to be dead and to shut at the normal time, be extra amazing cleaners and leave by 1am but there is a dj night there, so we'll be finished about 2-3am - boo! Nevermind, at least I'm working with Ginge, who is a funny fucker and good fun! It'll be good, regardless. We'll get to the Fir Tree one night and get hammered.

Talking of pubs, I also need to go drinking in The Busty Ricycle (Rusty Bicycle) it's the old Eagle on Madgelan Road. Been revamped and the drunken lowlifes have left for the Donnington (I guess). Apparently it's like the Oxford Blue but without the students, about time if you ask me. Hopefully they'll keep the prices up and the students out - am rather looking forward to it, there is nothing like judging a new pub on first impressions and whether you can get drunk, listen to good tunes and enjoy yourself all in the one evening.

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