Monday, January 05, 2009

aka Bridget Jones

Tomorrow night I shall find myself eating our house "Christmas" dinner (minus one housemate).
I thought originally it was going to be my housemates and me. Then there was talk of them, the girlfriends and me, then the chef said he'd like to invite some others, I thought maybe to make it not so uncomfortable for me, how sweet...not at all, in fact he wanted to invite another two sets of couples?! Oh rightio...

It's another fantastic Bridget Jones moment:

This isn't the first time I've properly experienced a Bridget Jones moment and it won't be the last. I've spent most of my life single, I actually find life easier and more comfortable being single, bringing others in to your life, just makes things complicated. And what you know is always the most comfortable.

I left my Bridget Jones comment with Dave. A few days later, the following conversation ensued:
Dave "Am thinking of inviting another couple of people to our dinner?"
Me "oh, yeah who?"
Dave "Chris and Tony"
Me "Are they both men?"
Dave "Yep"
Me "Gay? wondered if you were going to really finish off the irony of my singledom around a dinner table"
Dave "Nope, just some mates of mine".

So, no gay couple to finish it off with a cherry, just a couple of guys. One of whom Dave might want to set me up with. Which makes it worse than just being couples and me. Fix ups are so going to attend to drink and eat, maybe get some "good" conversation, who knows?! And am going to embrace my Bridget Jonesdom in full English style.

But bless Dave for trying to make it sweet.

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