Thursday, January 22, 2009

Would you like to...

Last night, I heard the term "gender equality" about 10,000 times. Now I'm all for the chances we ladies have had since the Suffragettes fought their (and ladies around the world) corner, I'm extremely grateful. But I don't believe that men having manners, should be considered as gender inequality. Just because a guy says that a lady can go first, or offers to open the door for her or offers to buy her dinner, doesn't mean that he's being sexiest. He's just showing manners.
I find it entertaining that you have some ladies who complain about how it should be 100% equal for men and women (I personally don't think it can be. Men get some benefits we ladies don't and vice versa) and then also complain that chivalry is dead?! If you want equality, pay your own way, don't expect doors to be opened and don't expect any special treatment.

In other news, I've finally fine tuned why I hate the way Politicians talk and it turns out that it's also the reason why I dislike a lot of do-gooders. Both types of people make "statement questions". This is when they are stating something but do it in a questioning manner and then wait for a response, so they can in fact "correct" you? i.e: I've noticed your car is still running, do you think that is environmentally friendly, aka turn your car off.
It's a little like how, some, females are known for making "question orders", i.e. Would you like to do the washing up? Would you like to cut the grass? They are in fact requests/orders but in the form where it's open to discussion.

I hate how people are excited about British Gas cutting bills by 10%, ooo! So after the 35% increase in November 2008, it's now just a 25% increase instead - wankers!

Randomly, I've discovered that "Bundle" (as most Oxfordian's/Southerners know it) has many names, mainly relating to where you grew up. Now "Bundle" for those of you who don't know, is when someone is on the ground and everyone else jumps on top.
It turns out that most Northerners know it as "Pile On", Australians know it as "Stack On" and some people in Northampton call it "Dog Pile" (don't ask about this one, I've no idea?). I always assumed it was "Bundle" now my eyes are open...

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